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IDD Therapy

DTS Machine PhotoIDD Therapy (Intervertebral Disc Decompression Therapy) is a computerized controlled form of Physical Therapy that creates an environment for the body to heal itself. This is achieved by creating a negative pressure in the disc. These negative pressures are maintained throughout the treatment, allowing the return of nutrients to the disc and re-hydration to occur. Decompression therapy is effective for those with degenerative disc disease, herniated discs and back pain. Make an appointment to relieve your pain and get your life back!

IDD Therapy LogoIDD Therapy is not for everyone with back pain. Call us for more information or to find out if you are a candidate for IDD Therapy. 530-671-2020.

IDD Therapy® is a registered trademark of North American Medical Corporation.



Testimonial from a patient:

"My back pain started when I was pregnant with my son 14 years ago. After his birth the pain progressively got worse. I had two back surgeries in three years. I lived my life in constant pain throughout that time. I learned to live with a certain level of pain; it was just always there. At times it was tolerable, but never gone. It was just a part of my life. I gained weight but really couldn't effectively exersize enough to lose any substantial amount. I came into the doctor to consider a third surgery as I had been on high levels of narcotics for over six months. I didn't want to live my life on pain medications. As it turned out, I was not a surgical candidate at this time. IDD was suggested. I figured I didn't have anything to lose so I tried it not knowing what to expect. As it turned out, I had everything to gain. The first week and a half was uncomfortable but no worse than the pain I was already in. I had previously had two torn discs. This therapy has change my life so far. After that first week and a half the pain subsided dramatically. I could feel the difference. I have easily stopped taking medication and for the first time in over a decade. I am in no pain. The treatments cause minor discomfort for about 10-15 min directly afterward, a mild ache. Then nothing. I have a pain level of zero and can't recommend this treatment enough. I was never so happy to be turned down for surgery in my life."