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Travel Vaccinations

Our clinic offers a full service clinic to assist in preparing you for your trip.
With over 15 years experience, our knowledgeable staff is able to meet your travel needs.

Why Vaccinate?
Americans from a wide range of age groups and with a variety of health conditions are traveling more widely and more frequently than ever. Many travelers find themselves in situations that have the potential not only to increase their own risk for travel-related illness while abroad but also, upon their return, to jeopardize the health of their communities. Diseases that are no longer common in the United States have been imported into the country by international travelers. It is imperative that travel plans be discussed with a medical provider. Those who travel “back home” to visit friends and relatives are at a heightened risk for travel-related illnesses. They are more likely than other types of travelers to travel on short notice or for extended periods of time. Many mistakenly believe they are immune to diseases that are endemic to their countries of origin/ancestry. We can help identify risk factors, select interventions to keep patients safe and minimize the risk of transmitting disease upon their return to the United States.

What to Bring to Your Appointment
• Itinerary, including countries/regions and types of settings (urban) or rural being visited as well as any stops along the way.
• Dates and duration of travel
• Purpose of trip (business, vacation, visiting friends and relatives)
• Mode(s) of transportation
• Planned Activities
• Type(s) of accommodations (hotel, private home, camp site)
• Person(s) with whom they will be traveling
• Vaccination Record
You may also be asked questions regarding previous travel experience, history of illness, and perception of risk.

Call to schedule an appointment with our travel specialist to ensure that your travel plans are not interrupted or delayed due to health concerns. Please schedule your appointment at least one month prior to your departure date if possible. Shorter term options may be available for urgent trips.

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*Information extracted from reference material provided by the Monthly Prescribing Reference, an education service by Sanofi Pasteur Inc. A full list of reference material may be provided upon request.